About HoofGrid by

About HoofGrid by Ecoraster®

The world's most trusted equestrian solution

HoofGrid by Ecoraster® is the trusted name in equine grid solutions around the world. Designed in Germany by Purus Plastics, HoofGrid is proudly manufactured in Canada by Purus North America with headquarters in Listowel, Ontario. Purus North America boasts decades of experience in injection molding with sister company BTE Assembly Ltd.

The team was inspired to start manufacturing and distributing HoofGrid after seeing its environmental and practical benefits being used in Europe. HoofGrid by Ecoraster® is truly an innovative and environmentally-friendly permeable grid paving system that has transformed equestrian facilities, improved riding conditions and extended the riding season for decades.

Ecoraster® products are made from 100% recycled plastics and are the only permeable paving product to undergo extensive, dynamic RAL testing. In fact, that’s why HoofGrid products are backed by a 10 year warranty.

“This is truly fantastic and I’ve been recommending Ecoraster on several [Facebook] pages. We have had so much rain and I have zero mud. Zero! Every time it rains we are so happy not to slog through mud. It was so easy to put down.This product is incredible.”
— Taylor Farm LLC

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